At Alchemy 43, we do things differently to deliver an exceptional experience and an amazing outcome — every time you visit. Easy app- and web-based appointment booking, personalized treatment plans and complimentary Beauty Touch-ups are just a few of the reasons you’ll feel like a pampered guest and not a patient.




When you visit our luxe Beauty Lab, you’ll receive a warm welcome from our super-knowledgeable and friendly Front Desk Concierge. He or she will check you into your appointment and answer any questions you have, before escorting you to our elegant private waiting area. There, you can enjoy a complimentary beverage while you complete your intake and consent forms on one of our iPads.



Inside one of our private, high-tech treatment rooms, your trained, licensed and certified Alchemist will capture three photos of your face. You and your Alchemist will then discuss your treatment goals, and use advanced 3D-imaging software to visualize your results on screen.

Once you and your Alchemist have created a personalized treatment plan and reviewed any pertinent info — including your expected outcome — he or she will prep your skin for your treatment. To maximize comfort, your Alchemist can provide a topical anesthetic. Then, he or she will customize your beauty compound




Post-treatment, your Alchemist will use ice and/or oxygen to calm your skin. Then, you can choose from our specially curated selection of products for your Beauty Touch Up.

After you leave looking fab, we’ll follow up with you via text or email, based on your preference. We’ll even send you a friendly reminder when it’s time for your next treatment.

We think you’ll love your Alchemy 43 experience and results. If for some reason your treatment isn’t everything you had hoped for, please let us know so we can do whatever is possible to ensure we exceed your expectations.


Paperwork is a pain in the aesthetics. For your convenience, we’ve brought our intake and consent forms online. You can fill them out at our Beauty Lab using one of our iPads, or opt to complete and submit them digitally prior to your appointment.



At Alchemy 43, our pricing structure is simple and based solely on outcome. For more information on pricing or to book a consultation, please contact us at 310-734-7943 or at info@alchemy43.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!



At Alchemy 43, we specialize in cosmetic micro treatments. It's the only aesthetic treatment we provide all day, every day. So you can rest assured that our trained, licensed and certified Alchemists only deliver best-in-class outcomes.
When cosmetic micro treatments are done properly, you will look refreshed and rested, not frozen. At Alchemy 43, we are dedicated to amazing outcomes. Our trained, licensed and certified Alchemists know where to inject BOTOX® to ensure you can maintain facial expression. If we don't believe you will have a great outcome, we won't perform the treatment.
Bruising is always a possibility with BOTOX® or fillers, however it is merely a temporary side effect and does not have any bearing on the success of the treatment. To minimize your chance of bruising, we recommend you avoid alcohol and ibuprofen (such as Advil) 24 hours prior to your treatment. However, even this does not prevent bruising entirely. Fortunately, at Alchemy 43, we have a curated range of products specially designed for post-treatment skin, so we’ll make sure you leave looking great no matter what.

We are sensitive to the fact that some clients prefer to maintain a low profile, and so we offer a private back entrance. For more info on this, please feel free to contact us at 310-734-7943 or at info@alchemy43.com.