Ring in the New Year with Perfectly Kissable Lips

You won’t have to hang on to that old branch of mistletoe to get your smooch on this New Year’s Eve. If you treat your lips to a soft, kissable lip enhancement, your perfect pout will have the boys (and girls!) waiting in line for their first memorable kiss of 2018.

Step on up to the Aesthetic Bar at Alchemy 43 and choose from a delicious menu of microtreatments designed to perfect your pout, brighten your eyes, lift your cheekbones and more. Not sure yet what you want? Our aesthetic experts let you start at the beginning and work your way up as 2018 marches on! They can add to your HA lip enhancers, dissolve them, and re-do them whenever you wish.


Skin volumizers and lip plumpers made of hyaluronic acid (HA) are the way to go in 2018. HA is found in your own body, so you don’t have to do any patch or allergy tests before using dermal fillers that contain it.

Your body uses its natural HA to do amazing things … like keep your skin moist and your joints moving smoothly. An HA lip enhancement looks and feels perfectly natural … because it is!

Maybe best of all, HA can be dissolved with a substance called hyaluronidase. So, if you want a dramatic look for New Year’s Eve but need to tone it down for work, you can. Or, if your SO thinks you look too damn sexy with your new, pouty lips and starts getting jealous, you can go back to your natural lip shape (at least until you break up).

Just a Slip-o’ Lip Gloss

If you’re feeling a bit shy of going full pout, start with a subtle, silky lip enhancer that has the texture of honey. Your Alchemy 43 aesthetic professional can use it like a revved-up lip gloss that makes your lips more enticing … with just a touch of added volume.

She can also use soft HAs to reshape your lips — creating a more shapely Cupid’s bow to get more love arrows shot your way. An HA can turn up your smile corners a bit, fill in smoker’s lines, or just reveal more of your vermilion line for a well-defined pout. Lip-gloss-like HA looks and feels just like your natural lips … only better.

How long does it last? Well, 80% of women and men thought their subtle enhancement still looked great one year later. Three-quarters of people who had their perioral (smoker’s) lines treated were also still happy one year later.

More of a Good Thing

If you’re a little more daring and want to make your lips look like they’ve just gotten out of a marathon kissing session, let your Alchemy 43 beauty expert take you to the next level. Using a slightly thicker HA formulation adds volume and shape to your lips. Just a touch of extra volume doesn’t only do wonders for your lips, it makes your whole face light up for a real “wow” effect.

The changes are dramatic enough to get the attention of any hottie you want, and yet … most people won’t even know you’ve had anything done to your lips or face! That’s because the aestheticians at Alchemy 43 are skilled when it comes to achieving results that are in harmony with your natural lip shape and facial features.

Almost 100% of women and men who had a slightly thicker lip enhancement at Alchemy 43 were still happy with their results six months later.

Full-Throttle Sexy

If Beyoncé-level sexy is your jam, Alchemy 43 can bring you to maximum kissability. Your beauty pro can give you a pull-out-all-the-stops lip enhancement that still looks natural and flatters your features. You’ll get the plumpest lips possible while still looking like you.

This level of perfect pouting lasts a long time. When surveyed, 78% of women and men were satisfied with the look and feel of their lips one year after their enhancement. They also needed less product for touch-ups than they did at their initial enhancement to get the same luscious look.

Pucker Up

Still not sure which lip enhancement is going to give you the irresistibly kissable look you want? Don’t worry! The aesthetic professionals at Alchemy 43 can determine the best possible treatment based on their understanding of aesthetics and anatomy. And, don’t forget: You can’t go wrong! All HA lip enhancements fade over time and can be added to. The important thing is to take that first step, book now, and get the look (and action) you want in 2018.

You can call or TEXT us for an appointment at (310) 7734-4023 or just walk in during business hours. Happy New Lips Year!