Start the New Year Right

The new year is here and it’s time to put forward … your Best Face Ever! If you want to look radiant and take a beautiful new look with you into the New Year, head over to Alchemy 43, where you can treat yourself to a smorgasbord of delicious beauty-boosting microtreatments. From brighter skin to more kissable lips, the Aesthetics Bar has every microtreatment you could ever need to look exactly the way you’ve always dreamed you should.

Kiss me!

No one can resist your kissable lips once they’ve been enhanced with dermal fillers dripping with nourishing hyaluronic-acid (HA). HA is the stuff that makes your skin moist and your joints comfy, so your body just loves it: No allergy tests required!

You can get just a slick of difference, add a little bee-sting pout, or get the kind of knock-em-dead lips you thought only movie stars could have. Your aesthetic specialist helps you pick the perfect new pair for you! Your new lips could last anywhere from 6 months to a year or more! You’ve got a lot of kissing to do…

Out-Cheek Angelina

Ever dreamed of gorgeous, high, elegant cheekbones? Thought you got the skimpy gene stocking and they were out of your reach? Think again! The HA fillers and collagen stimulators can create luscious volume in your face overall, or build new, beautifully contoured cheekbones. Your aesthetic professional at Alchemy 43 can even layer the fillers, to get the exact look you want. Our founder is obsessed with cheek sculpting with Voluma #cheeksquad

As an added bonus, putting more HA in your skin actually tells it to start producing more collagen, too, which helps your new look last for up to a year or more.

Keep Your Chin Up

The holidays may have been hard, but no one will know it, looking at you! That’s because you’ve traded in your old profile for one that’s sleek, clean, and strong. How’d you do it? Oh, with a little help from aesthetic professionals at Alchemy 43. They can help you check off your resolutions with a:

Melt Away.

Melt your double chin, that is, with the same stuff that helps you break down the fat in whipped cream. Each session only takes about 10 minutes.

High Profile.

Your talented aesthetic professional uses an HA filler to create the kind of chin that shows the world that you have confidence. You can also use it to build up your jawline.

Heart-shaped Face.

If you already have too much jaw, your Alchemy 43 specialist can slim it without surgery! You’ll have a softer, more feminine and heart-shaped face with just a few magic pricks of a needle.

Aquiline Nose.

Got a nose bump? An aesthetic professional can straighten it out with the HAs. Your new nose can even look shorter, more upturned, or narrower. Ask, and ye shall receive … at Alchemy 43.

Smooth as Ice

If you’ve ever envied a friend whose skin seems to be as translucent and smooth as ice, you can now become an object of envy yourself. The Aesthetics Bar at Alchemy 43 has a menu of microtreatments to make your skin picture perfect, including:

The Pimple Killer: Banish acne in 2018! A Kenalog acne treatment shot gets rid of ugly bumps without unsightly scarring. Just like that.

Fresh Face: Get skin that’s silky, smooth, and hair-free with this relaxing treatment that smooths away dry patches, irritation, and unwanted hair.

Radically Radiant: The writing’s on the wall: You’ll be radically radiant thanks to this microtreatment that orders your skin to turn up its collagen production and jumpstart healing.

Hello, Bright Eyes: Do you know that just by relaxing your muscles, your skin smooths out and wrinkles simply disappear? Your Alchemy 43 pro can use Botox or Dysport to make your lines stay behind in 2017.

Going for Gold

Reaching your goals and crossing off your New Year’s resolutions takes more than well-wishes. You’ll be ready and raring throughout the year, thanks to increased energy from a vitamin-rich B12 shot.

Eyes as Bright as Stars

There’s nothing quite as brilliant and inspiring as a starry night … nothing, that is, except your own bright and sparkling eyes. Your aesthetic professional smooth out the tired-looking areas around your eyes with Dysport or Botox so your natural beauty shines right through.

Selfie Perfection!

Leave all those filters and photo adjustments to the amateurs: You know that the secret to a perfect selfie is the face that you and your aesthetic professional at Alchemy 43 designed for 2018. She can mix and match our microtreatments to get you to the level of perfection you deserve.

You can “re-touch” your photos before you even take them with HA fillers that fill in laugh lines and other expressive creases.

All About You!

No one has your lips, your eyes, or your skin. Come in for a complimentary 3D consultation with an aesthetic expert at Alchemy 43 for the microtreatments that will make your season bright. We’ll help you put your best face forward for 2018 and beyond.