Beat Your Winter Skin Woes

Beat Your Winter Skin Woes in Minutes

Old Man Winter’s tough on your skin, but you can be tougher. Hold back the effects of blustery winds and dehydrating central heat by keeping your skin bundled up with skin enhancing microtreatments at Alchemy 43’s Aesthetics Bar in Beverly Hills.

Microtreatments from Alchemy 43 not only make you look as shiny and fresh as a Spring Day, they work from the inside out to strengthen your skin, too. Our beauty practitioners can combine treatments for a real one-two punch of beauty boosters that knock Winter out of the ring.


Happily Hydrate

Oh, bring it on, Radiators, Fireplaces, Dry Heat that Sucks the Moisture From Your Cells! Those Arch Villains of Winter won’t have a chance when you drench your skin in Magical Masks. Magical Masks microtreatments absolutely drip with nourishing ingredients like vitamins and collagen that feed your skin and make it stronger. Weekly treatments are a must to combat the stress of dry, cold air.

We can add even more of a punch with a Hydration Happy oxygen boost. Oxygen treatments infuse your skin cells with O2 for an instant, radiant glow. Hydration Happy’s oxygen is also a collagen stimulator, so it helps you build thicker, stronger, more resilient and prettier skin.


Erase Redness

Blushing can be cute (especially when you’ve made someone else do it!) but a red face all day long isn’t on anyone’s beauty wish list. Whether you have rosacea, a naturally ruddy complexion, or just rough, chapped cheeks thanks to a slap from the North Wind, we can erase the redness and draw in a more even, healthy-looking tone with a “Radically Radiant” micropenning microtreatment.

The aesthetic professionals at Alchemy 43 use their magic microns to gently stimulate your body’s own natural collagen. It’s a completely natural physiological response. No lasers needed! Collagen is what makes your skin healthy, plump, strong, and elastic. That’s why you want as much of it as you can get and why bundling collagen-stimulating microtreatments makes your skin super strong and beautiful.

Our “Radically Radiant” miropenning microtreatment also includes an LED treatment and a  “Magical Mask,” which help ensure that your skin will be ready to face any storms that come its way.


Be Smooth as Ice

Nothing’s worse than ice skating on ice that’s bumpy and cracked — unless it’s running your fingers over skin that’s bumpy and cracked. OK, what’s even worse is having your Big Crush run his or her fingers over your skin and complaining that it feels rough. Boo!

No matter what’s making your skin craggy, the aesthetics professionals at Alchemy 43 have a solution.

Zap zits and pimples with the fastest acne treatment ever. Just a quick injection of “The Pimple Killer” Kenalog shot by one of Alchemy 43’s beauty experts makes your acne start to wither and fade. In just a day or two, you’ll be zit-free.

If you have rough skin or dry patches, a dreamy “Fresh Face” microtreatment polishes them away like a mini Zamboni. Your skin will be so smooth and glassy, even mittens won’t snag on your silky sweet cheeks.

Micropenning works here, too! Healthy, strong skin that’s smooth and silky starts with our word of the day: Collagen.


Boost Your Energy

After all the hubbub and excitement of the holidays and New Year celebrations, sometimes you feel a little blah. Winter winds take an extra toll, too, because — let’s face it — shivering takes energy.

Unwind, relax, and be pampered in the ultimate beauty haven at Alchemy 43. Most of our microtreatments are administered while you lie back in a dreamy, relaxed state. We do all the work!

You don’t even have to expend your mental energy trying to decide which microtreatments you need. Our aesthetic experts are trained to evaluate your skin and its underlying structure, learn from you what your main issues and desires are, and design a custom-made renewal microtreatment bundle just for you. You are pampered and soothed as your skin is coaxed into renewing itself.

We can also make your wildest beauty dreams come true by giving you higher cheekbones with dermal fillers such as Voluma, a stronger chin with Kybella, poutier lips with Volbella, and smoothing out any pesky lines or folds that Winter’s pressed into your skin with beauty favorites Botox or Dysport.

When your new face is ready to face the world, your aesthetic professional even has a magic bullet that can give you an extra push. A Going for Gold microtreatment is a B12 shot that infuses you with vitamins and boosts your energy instantly. You’ll not only look as radiant, glowing, and as full of energy as the Sun, you’ll feel it, too. See the beautiful before and after results yourself!


Chill Out When It’s Chilly

If you’re in Beverly Hills and the thermometer dips below 75 degrees, come warm up at Alchemy 43. Our aesthetic professionals are ready to handle all of your Winter skin concerns. You can make an appointment by calling or booking online, or sending a TEXT to 310-734-4023.