The Alchemy 43 Difference

You feel peckish but don’t know what you want, so you hit Yelp or FourSquare to find the best restaurant in the hood. You’ve got a hit. Atmosphere: elegant chic. Menu: French-Moroccan fusion. You settle in.

But with so many menu options, what to order? You turn to the resident pro: The waitress with dreads who knows the low-down on the chef’s strengths and the latest food trends that actually have staying power. She grills you about what tickles your tongue. An hour later, you’ve had the most amazing meal of your life.

It’s the same deal at Alchemy 43’s Aesthetics Bar. Atmosphere: elegant chic. Menu: The most au-courant microtreatments for your face on the planet. You settle in.

You know you want a killer look for Spring but with so many options, how do you know which menu pick’s gonna make you purr? No worries, our aesthetics experts professionals have the low-down on the freshest products, natural beauty enhancements, and the augmentations that will make them envy your natural radiance. They grill you about what tickles your fancy. An hour or so later, you’ll have the most amazing you of your life.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

First Course: Fresh Face, paired with Hydration Happy

Your hunger for beauty can only be sated when your skin is nourished, hydrated and strong. Without healthy skin, all other microtreatments fall flat.

While you relax and zone out on your favorite chill-lax playlist, your aesthetic professional smooths out your skin so that it’s as soft as silk. She’ll banish dry patches, calm irritation, and buff away any unwanted hair with a Fresh Face microtreament.

Fresh Face is best paired with Hydration Happy — an oxygen boost that replenishes your skin cells and drenches them in life-giving moisture.

Second Course: Well-Rounded, paired with High Profile

Your besties may be hitting the club with fantasy hair colors, but you’ve gone beyond spray-ons. Thanks to your Alchemy 43 aesthetics pro, you now have gorgeous, elegant, Hollywood-style wow-em cheekbones, created with select infusions of Voluma and Restylane.

Well Rounded is best paired with our High Profile microtreatment, a full-bodied chin augmentation with notes of Kybella and Voluma to give you a sleek, strong jawline worthy of an international model.

Dessert: Perfect Pout with Going for Gold

Rounding out the perfect menu is the Perfect Pout — a soft, kissable delicacy made of Juvéderm, Restylane, or Volbella that creates the lips of your dreams (and his). Best paired with another pair of lips, topped with Going for Gold — a vitamin shot rich with B12 that keeps you kissing and dancing all night long.

Ready to order? Your aesthetics professionals are waiting to serve you at Alchemy 43’s Aesthetics Bar in Beverly Hills. Call for reservations, or walk in for select concierge service. Bon appetit!