BOTOX® Cosmetic/Dysport®*

Soften and prevent the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles, while maintaining a natural look.

Member Pricing
$13.18/unit (CA & NY) | $12.75/unit (TX)

Non-Member Pricing
$15.50/unit (CA & NY) | $15/unit (TX)

*Dysport pricing is comparable and available at consultation.

Treatment Areas

Treatment areas include frown lines, crow’s feet lines, forehead lines, bunny lines, masseters, chin, upper lip, neck, and trapezius muscles. At your appointment, our licensed medical providers will discuss which options are best for you.


You can expect to see a softening of lines in the days following treatment, with full results at 14 days.

The Basics of Neuromodulators

  • There are two types of wrinkles; static and dynamic. Static wrinkles are visible with or without facial movement, while dynamic wrinkles are visible when you animate your face. Starting on a neuromodulator regimen before you notice these wrinkles can prevent them from occurring or slow down their progression. Patients also report smooth glowing skin after treatment.
  • For best results, we strongly recommend 3-4 visits per year. We can work with you on a treatment schedule incorporating important events, like weddings, graduations, vacations and holidays.

The Science Behind It

Neuromodulators are made from purified plant proteins. A small amount is injected into the underlying muscles, softening the appearance of these lines. The proteins work to block nerve signals from the brain to the muscles where they are injected, so there’s less movement in those areas. The result is a relaxed, smoothed look.


How should I prepare for my appointment?

  • Avoid alcohol and blood thinners, including but not limited to Aspirin, Vitamin E and fish oil the day before treatment to minimize possible bruising or swelling
  • Aim to take Arnica 2-3 days prior to treatment or day of treatment to help minimize possible bruising or swelling

What can I expect afterwards? (Aftercare instructions)

With any injectable treatment, there is always the possibility of some minor injection site reactions. These could include bruising, swelling, tenderness, or itching, which are all normal and temporary. As far as downtime, there really isn’t any.  You can go about your day as usual, post-treatment.


  • Wait one hour to apply makeup to the treatment area
  • Try to avoid exfoliating for 24 hours
  • Try to avoid manipulating the area (pushing on it or moving your skin around) for 24 hours (washing your face is ok!)
  • Try to avoid IPL treatments for 72 hours
  • Try to avoid any laser, resurfacing or skin tightening treatments for 2 weeks post-treatment

When will I see results, and how long will they last?

You can expect to see full results within 2 weeks of your initial treatment. How long the results last can vary from person to person depending on how fast your body metabolizes the product. We suggest refreshing your BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® every 3-4 months.

What areas can I treat?

  • Brows (lift)
  • Forehead and 11’s (smooth)
  • Bunny lines (smooth and soften)
  • Crow’s feet (smooth)
  • Upper lip/gummy smile (relax)
  • Jawline (slim)
  • Chin (smooth)
  • Lip flip (lift)
  • Trapezius (relax and slim)
  • Neck lines (lift and soften)
  • Other areas may be recommended
by our licensed medical provider

Your expert provider will recommend the appropriate dosage and placement for your individual treatment goals and facial anatomy during your complimentary consultation.


“My pesky lines are gone but I still have my natural expression, I’m a BIG fan!” - Riley, Los Angeles
“Best botox experience I've had to date. I'm extremely happy with the results— subtle, yet effective.” - Jamie, Los Angeles
“They really took their time to talk me through the process of Botox. As a first timer they all made me feel so comfortable & relaxed throughout the entire process. I HIGHLY recommend Alchemy 43 and will definitely be back!” - Stephanie, NYC

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